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XI. Using the program in Asian poker rooms

Here we will describe how to use the Pokerrrr 2 client under emulators. Currently it is possible to work under LDPlayer. We remind you that English must be selected everywhere.

11.4 Pokerrrr 2

In first run NiceHandOmaha and select Use PokerOCR option

Fig. 11-4-1. NiceHandOmaha settings

Then you need to close NiceHandOmaha and check the contents of the PokerOCR.ini file in the C: /NewPokerSoft/PokerOCR folder. It should contain the following lines:


Test = 0
Use = 1 field means that you are playing in this room.
If you use EliteHUD for PokerBros (for example), you need to set Use=0 for PokerBros
Then you need to separately launch the PokerOCR program and make the following settings in it

Fig. 11-4-2. Settings for Pokerrrr 2

The name of the deck bd4c (base deck 4 colors) means a 4-color deck. The program works with Omaha 4, 5 and 6 cards. Here are selected types of games with 4 hole cards. After that you can close the PokerOCR program and start playing. The choice of the number of hole cards can be changed during a game. Let's say you want to play 6 Card Omaha. The number of hole cards can be changed at any time, including when the client is working. Now we need to configure the emulator. The most important thing is to set the English language in it and correctly name the instances of the mobile device for launching applications.

Let's start with LDPlayer. A name must start with Pokerrrr2 further space and any of your text.

Fig. 11-4-3. Instances in LDPlayer

Then, in any instance, call the settings window and select Basic item in it, and then the Language

Fig. 11-4-4. Setting English in LDMultiPlayer

Now that everything is configured, you can start testing the program's functionality in the emulator environment. After starting the client in the emulator, we should see a title like this

Fig. 11-4-5. Client Pokerrrr2 launch in LDPlayer

Here it is important to pay attention to the title of the window, which begins with Pokerrrr2 … We do not open the tables for the game yet. We launch the NiceHandOmaha program. Next, you need to check the functionality of the PokerOCR recognition program, which starts itself without your participation. More precisely, NiceHandOmaha conducts the launch of all programs.

First, bring up the PokerOCR program window. Do not run the program yourself, but find it in the list of running ones! Then open the Tables category and select the kind of game. After that, you can open the table, but do not sit down at it. Let's say you're going to play regular Omaha. On the Table type panel, mark Omaha and move the sight to the table

Fig. 11-4-6. Preparing a label for the table

If you play in the client on a PC, then the label will appear in the window title, but it will not be visible on the emulator. Therefore, at the bottom of the main window, select the Debug tab, which will show the table cards.

Fig. 11-4-7. Select tab Debug


We recommend that you adhere to the following order of launching programs:

1) Clients of all rooms or emulators (not as Administrator)

2) NiceHandOmaha (not as Administrator)

Opening tables for playing.

Other programs, for example, to display statistics, you can run as you are used to.

It is worth noting that there are those who like to run the client of the room as Administrator. In this case, NiceHandOmaha must also be run as Administrator, otherwise the program will not work!

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