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XI. Using the program in mobile poker apps

This chapter describes how to use NiceHandOmaha for Upoker client software on a PC. We remind you that English must be selected in the client.Upoker


11.2 Upoker

Check the contents of the PokerOCR.ini file in the C: / NewPokerSoft / PokerOCR folder. It should contain the following lines:
Use = 1 field means that you are playing in this room.

Then you need to launch the PokerOCR program and make the following settings in it

Fig. 11-2-1 Settings for Upoker

The name of the deck bd4c (base deck 4 colors) means a 4-color deck when playing on a PC from a client or for an emulator. The program works with Omaha 4, 5 and 6 cards. Here are selected types of games with 5 and 6 cards in hand. After that you can close the PokerOCR program and start playing.

Let's say you want to play Pot Limit Omaha with 4 hole cards. The number of hole cards can be changed at any time, including when the client is working.

Fig. 11-2-2 We are playing in Omaha with 4 hole cards

After starting the client, open the Tables category. On the ribbon on the Label panel, check the Use option, there should be no other checkboxes on the ribbon. If 1 table is open in one window, then on the Table type panel, mark Omaha and move the sight to the table

Fig. 11-2-3 Preparing a label for the table

The result can be seen in the following figure.

Fig. 11-2-4 A table has a new title

Now let's consider the case when several tables are used in one window. Because here in each of the 4 tables there can be a game of different types of Omaha. That for these tables has its own panel 4 tables in 1 window.

Fig. 11-2-5 Setting up multiple tables in one window

This panel has 4 combos for choosing a game on each table. If there is no table, then Empty is selected. A check-box is placed and the sight is transferred to the client window.

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