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XI. Using the program in mobile poker apps

The program works for these three poker rooms: PPPoker, UpokerPokerBros, Suprema and Pokerrr 2. You need to use Gold license for all limits.

This list can be extended if needed.

We are using EliteHud, KingsHands or own PokerOCR program which is described in the chapter IX. Don’t use a white background color for own avatar while using PokerOCR. Also you need to use English as language of a client while using PokerOCR. After installation check the PokerOCR.ini file in the C:/NewPokerSoft/PokerOCR installation folder. The file should contain the following:

Use = 0 means you’re not playing in the poker room, Use = 1 means you’re playing in the poker room.

Then you need to enter your favourite seat, which is required 2 for tables with 6 people (SeatPos=2). The numbering is described in the Chapter IX in the fig. 9-3. Nickname is your poker room nick name, but the program doesn’t use it. You can leave it as any value.

Then you can run the program and configure it through the interface.

Deck name bd4c (base deck 4 colors) means the four color deck for PC and emulator client. Set a number of hole cards for your game on panel Number of hole cards.

The program works for all kinds of omaha with 4, 5, and 6 hole cards in common case, but it is selected omaha wit 4 and 5 hole cards for current session.

11.1 PPPoker


Fig. 11-1-1 Settings for PPPoker

Then you can run client and run NiveHandOmaha. Other programs such as PokerOCR will start automatically. The select category Tables.

Fig. 11-1-2 Settings for PPPoker

Then grab the aim with the mouse on the Finder tool and drag it to the lobby window. The title of the window will change, and the program will know that there is a room lobby in this window.

Fig. 11-1-3 Lobby window with changed title

Suppose you are going to play regular Omaha with 4 hole cards. In the Table type panel find Omaha 4 cards and mark Omaha. After that, open the table and transfer the drag Find tool to this table. The table title takes the following form

Fig. 11-1-4 PLO4 table with changed title

After that, you can sit down at the table and start playing at it. You can first sit down at the table, and then change its title (this is not important). The main thing to understand is that the program ignores the Lobby window, and looks for a changed title on the rest of the windows in order to understand what kind of game is at this table. If you made a mistake and transferred the sight with the wrong game, then transfer it again correctly. The title will change.

Note also that PPPoker has protection against placing third party tool HUDs on its tables, more precisely, it allows placing HUDs only on one table. Therefore, we decided to make a small program that has an empty screen on which we place HUDs. This program is called StuntDouble.exe and is located in the PokerOCR program folder. By default, the window color of this program is light gray. It can be changed by running the program offline

Fig. 11-1-5 Setting for HUD window color of PPPoker

Press the Color button and change the color of this window. Then we close this program. When you play, it starts automatically under each table. Some players have small screens and there is simply no space under the table. Therefore, it is possible to place this additional window on the right of the table. In the Customize category of the StuntDouble panel in the Placement window, select On right, as shown in the following figure

Fig. 11-1-6 Placing the window with HUDs to the right of the table

In conclusion, here are the types of HUDs for PPPoker:






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