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Calculating Profit in Cash Games

MiniMoneyTimer - Calculating Profit in Cash Games

This is the program for real time calculation of profit or loss (money) that you earned in playing session on PokerStars, Party Poker, 888 Poker. It also allows you to control how many hands you dealt.

The program can calculate your money as one room and simultaneously on several.

MiniMoneyTimer calculates money for cash games only (including Zoom).

General Description

Just after the program start, the main Counter Window appears.

Settings Window:


A) Session start (Medium size), B) Pause button is pressed (Small size):

А) В) 


You lost your money:


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  Level Max BB ($, €, £) Price/Month Price/Year
Base 0.05 free free

Bronze 0.16 $1 $10

Silver 0.5 $3 $30
Gold 2.0 $5 $50

Platinum 10.0 $7 $70

Diamond All $10 $100