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The important program how to manage your poker bankroll. It helps you to have a good control of your poker bankroll

BankrollManager - the Program How to Manage Your Poker Bankroll

Risk of Ruin (RoR)

One model that we use in our program is called the Risk of Ruin (RoR) model. It was originally worked out by Bill Chen and Tom Weideman on The Risk of Ruin function depending on bankroll RoR(b) is the probability that the starting bankroll b will be lost for an infinite number of games.

There is a well-known function RoR(b) = exp (-2mb/(s*s)), where m is mean value, s is standard deviation of our expected win and b is bankroll. This formula gives us the result for poker games with normal distributions.

Risk of Ruin with Uncertain Win Rates (RoRU), Kelly Criterion and Sharpe Ratio

More reliable result will obtain adding uncertainty: Risk of Ruin with Uncertain win rates (RoRU). Also we use Kelly criterion and rational game selection using Sharpe ratio.



  Level Max BB ($, €, £) Price/Year

Base 0.05 free

Bronze 0.16 $5

Silver 0.5 $10
Gold 2.0 $20

Platinum 10.0 $40

Diamond All $70