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IX. Using the program in MPN Poker and

The program is made for the Red Star and RedKings poker rooms and is allowed in all rooms of the MPN network. The tool supports 4 rooms for iPoker: Winner, Titan, WilliamHill и Guts.

Here’s a screenshot of all allowed programs on the RedKings website.

Fig. 9-1 Allowed programs on the RedKings website

You can download the program using this link.

The package includes three installation files, which will be executed in the following order:

  1. NiceHandOmaha and all its components, make sure that the files are extracted into this folder: C:\NewPokerSoft\NiceHandOmaha.
  2. HudManager. This one should be installed in this location: C:\NewPokerSoft\ HudManager. This program used to be installed into the NiceHandOmaha folder, but now it has its own. Since we’re working on several HUDs projects, which are going to use the Hud Manager, all other programs will be installed into their own folders.
  3. New program PokerOCR. This program should be extracted into: C:\NewPokerSoft\PokerOCR. This program is a 64-bit application, hence it can only be used in a 64-bit operating system.
  4. If required, the Microsoft VS 2015 libraries will be installed (both 32-bit and 64-bit version). PokerOCR should be configured before use. Run the program and then select customize in the ribbon bar. Please set your user name from the Red Star poker room (NikNuk in the screenshot). Also setup your preferred seat at the 6 max table.

Fig. 9-2 PokerOCR configuration

We’re using the 0-base numbering system same as PokerStars. Position 0 is the top right position at the table, numbers increase clockwise.

Fig. 9-3 Zero seat positions at various table sizes

At this moment, the program is only working with 6 max tables and the 4 color deck is used. If you need this for different kinds of tables, please send us the screenshots with hero cards for the required table and your preferred positions. The most helpful screenshots would be for all positions at once. For example, for the 9 max table, you’d need to send us 9 screenshots with hero cards at all 9 positions.

At the moment we’ve turned on the debug mode in the NiceHandOmaha.ini and PokerOCR.ini files, meaning if you have any issues, please feel free to send us your log files: NiceHandOmaha.log и PokerOCR.log.

If you have a license, feel free to use the programs on your limits, otherwise please request a trial version. The next room is going to be ACR and it’s coming very soon.

Here are some screenshots from Red Star and RedKings, where the hero is in the 1st position.


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