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IV.  Using NiceHandOmaha for Omaha Hi/Lo

To play Omaha Hi-Lo it is necessary to select the Omaha Hi/Lo in the settings dialog for Omaha (Fig. 2-5). The program will read Hi/Lo text file and will continue to calculate all equity considering low combinations. Outs for low combinations will be added to HUDs with outs.

Fig. 4-1 A weak hand considering the low (left) and a strong hand (right)

Fig. 4-2 You have no low hand but you have chances to low combination

Here we have no low and there is no chance for nut low. The following figure shows that we also have no ready low hand, but we have 20 outs on the low and 14 of them are nuts.

Fig. 4-3 There are good chances for Nut low

Fig. 4-4 The Nut low


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