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Game Analysis Program

ForgeEV - program for working on the game outside of sessions

1 General description
2 Preflop hand strength calculator
3 Equity calculator
4 Database setup
5 Graph output
6 Game analysis
7 Preflop trainer for Omaha 5 cards

I. General Description. Program setting.

After launch, the main program window will appear:

Fig.1-1 The main window

Your window may have a different look, and you can customize it as it will be convenient.

The program can simply be used as an equity calculator and look at the range of a hand by hitting the top% of the best hands. To do this, open the ForgeEV.ini file in any text editor, such as Notepad, find the DB section and set Use=0 in it, without touching anything else:…..


Also select the Database settings category and make the DB name field empty, the other fields do not matter:

Fig.1-2 The program does not use the database



12 3 4 5 6 7