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New poker simulator software or poker training software.

Poker Simulator - PokerGame

PokerGame – new poker simulator software or poker training software. By deciding to download it, you are taking the first step toward immensely expanding your poker knowledge and practice. While the game deals in Texas hold’em cash game. Poker is just like any job. Once you develop your own style, you should learn to read how your opponents play. In our game there are 4 opponent types now: the tighter player, the maniac, professor and master. You may choice players obviously or randomly. In the second case you do not know who is who. There are 3 statistics now PFR, VPIP and 3B for help you. Register and download ! We will send email to you when new release will be ready. Feel free to contact us for further information or comments.



Link for full Description: PokerGame.pdf